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Flats, city of Bergamo

Design and realisation of elegant flats in the heart of the city of Bergamo. The process of our intervention began with the surveys, continuing with the careful study of the distribution, the choice of the moodboard materials and colours, the design of the furniture and finally the assembly of the custom-made furnishings. The building, which dates back to the early twentieth century, has been completely renovated and divided into 14 flats furnished in a refined and comfortable way, with great attention to detail, perfectly representing the concept of “feeling at home” for those who live in them. Oak parquet flooring has been chosen to warm the environment, and matching furnishing details, wallpaper and velvet embellish the rooms. The wall tones set a visual rhythm dictated by colour, ensuring that each flat has a reference palette. Kitchens and wardrobes are free from chromaticism, tones of grey and sand and minimal style create a neutral fil-rouge taken up throughout the building. In addition to the flats, we also designed the reception area ad-hoc: a made-to-measure counter-console covered with stoneware slabs, wooden slatted panels and a full-height light grey cupboard, which matches the cement-effect wallpaper.