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From the survey to the concept,
from the choice of materials
to project management.

A "custom - made" service in every project.

Acquisition and Analysis

general brief and technical data of the location

On site


General design of interior finishes

(floors, ceilings, walls and panelling)

Development of a lighting design project

(positioning and selection of light fittings, positioning of sockets and switches)

Research, selection and quotation

of furnishings


of custom - made furniture

Research, selection and quotation

(accessories, decorations, curtains and fabrics)

Photographic rendering

of the rooms in the house

hydraulic, electrical and construction coordination

of the works on site

Interni Svanera boasts the assembly of furniture by a team of in-house fitters as a company plus.

Furniture assembly requires specialised technicians who are ready to solve the everyday difficulties that can be encountered during installation. There are a series of procedures from the arrival of the fitters to the actual occupation of the area to be fitted. Total respect for the customer and his living space is always provided at each of these stages.

We offer a professional cleaning service performed by qualified in-house staff.

Both end-of-site and post-installation furniture.